The Best Web Hosts

Choosing a web hosting service that suits your needs can be a confusing and frustrating task simply because of the number of companies that are offering space on the internet now. Often there is little to separate the deals being offered and so making a decision really comes down to the details of the different services. It is up to you to choose the one that will best suit your specific needs. The technical jargon of web hosting is beyond many people’s knowledge of computers and so they don’t really know which features they are looking for.

The best place to start is to decide what you want your website to do for you now and where you plan for it to go in the future to make sure that you choose a service that will grow with your needs. It is possible to have your website designed and posted online by professionals who will often host the website themselves but these deals are usually through resellers and so they will cost more. Many of web host service providers like and offer basic web hosting packages for a few dollars a month which are best suited to simple, single site users who want to run a blog or a website to promote their small business. However, these providers offer little scope of expanding their service to allow users to upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS) or to become a reseller themselves. If your internet needs exceed these simple uses then it is worth looking at a few of the bigger web hosts for the service that will allow you to make the most of your use of the web.

Of all the basic services on offer has the most straightforward and easy to use platform. Fat Cow has been around since 1998, making them a veteran of the web hosting business that customers can be sure will still be around for years to come. Fat Cow have a fun corporate image that is obviously aimed at hobby bloggers and small business customers and which makes the business of web hosting less technically confronting. Behind this façade is a no-nonsense, fully featured service at a very affordable price.

For less than $50 per year Fat Cow offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as an unlimited number of domains, e-mail accounts and My SQL databases. Fat Cow uses vDeck for its control panel instead of the industry leading cPanel but this doesn’t impact on the usability of the service that they offer. Fat Cow is also compatible with Microsoft Frontpage web design software meaning that users have two options for building their website. The other option is to use Fat Cow’s free website builder and Script Barn software that comes with the package to create a feature packed website. The basic Fat Cow web hosting package also comes with a free domain name as well as free advertising credit with the search engines and on Facebook. Fat Cow web hosting now also includes a free Yellow Pages Online listing and a toll-free number, offering small or online businesses everything that they need to go online.

One of the best ways to choose between similar web hosting services is to read what other users have to say and the Fat Cow reviews consistently point to the reliability and the professionalism of their service. Because Fat Cow has invested in only top of the line equipment and have the experience of being in the business for so long their customer support teams are industry leaders that have been providing award winning web hosting for well over a decade. Taking into account the value of the extras, Fat Cow offers a solid basic web hosting service that is perfect for small to medium sized businesses as well as for the hobby blogger. While there are other basic service providers, they are relative new comers on the web hosting scene as compared to Fat Cow who can point to a long record of good service for their fully featured web hosting package that users can take confidence from.

The biggest web host providers offer a variety of web hosting options and at this level of service two companies stand out from the rest. The first is which offers a wide variety of web hosting options that come with all of the features that users will need to create and maintain their websites. Founded in 1996, Blue Host is another web host provider that has been around for a long time and that has developed a good reputation for service and reliability. Blue Host reviews consistently point out that it isn’t the cheapest service available but also that the extra cost of the service is more than made up for by the quality of the service and customer support. Even so it is possible to find Blue Host coupons online that will discount their price of $6.95 per month by as much as 50% making Blue Host competitive with even the cheapest web hosts.

The accent at Blue Host is on the professional customer and so in addition to a basic web hosting package they also offer a web hosting reseller package. Blue Host web hosting accounts also come with a choice of shopping cart software including Magento, Cube cart, Zen Cart as a standard part of their script package. Blue Host uses cPanel and so it is immediately compatible with websites that are powered by WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, all of which can be installed with a single click. In fact, BlueHost is the #1 rated WordPress host according to With Blue Host’s drag and drop website building application there is no programming ability required to build your own website using the tools that come with the web hosting account. In addition there is a wide array of useful scripts that can be used to enhance your website to make sure that you get the most out of it.

Blue Host web hosting accounts come with all of the features that could be expected from a top of the line service provider including unlimited space and bandwidth, as well as an unlimited number of domains, e-mail addresses and databases. They also provide free search engine submission and $50 worth of free Google Adwords advertising to get your website started. For many users the service that Blue Host provides will be sufficient for their business’ needs both internally and as a promotional tool but for those businesses that need more internet power the best web host to use is HostGator.

Of all of the web hosting service providers, HostGator offers the widest variety of packages that range in price from a few dollars a month for a simple website up to a couple of hundred dollars per month for a dedicated server. No other web host offers as wide a variety of options from the basic, single domain website suitable for a hobby blogger right through to dedicated servers capable of running corporate cloud services and multiple databases. Host Gator has been around since 2002 and has grown from a small concern to become one of the biggest web hosting services with over 8 million websites and many times more reseller accounts currently online.

HostGator’s range of packages and prices is unmatched, with four basic shared hosting options, a sliding scale of nine VPS webhosting plans and five reseller packages as well as four dedicated server options. This means that Host Gator can accommodate the needs of anyone that wants to use the internet from individual users right up to Fortune 500 companies. For many smaller to midsized businesses it may be more cost effective to use one of Host Gator’s VPS or dedicated server deals than it is to invest in the hardware and maintain it for yourself. It also means that your online presence is guaranteed and that you have access to Host Gator’s top of the line connection network. Host Gator reviews all say that their technical support and guaranteed uptime make them the premium choice for web hosting.

The company’s already competitive prices can be further reduced by taking advantage of the famed Host Gator discounts that are available on their website. When you have decided on a plan that fits your requirements you can then go straight to the coupon page via the link in the footer where you will be given the latest Host Gator coupon code which can save you 20% or more on the cost of hosting your website for the next three years. Host Gator comes fully featured, uses cPanel and has over seventy scripts to choose from to create your website. There is also a simple website building application so that creating a website on Host Gator requires no programming knowledge and only a basic set of computer skills.

While there are a lot of web hosts now many of them are new to the industry and are yet to prove that they have what it takes to keep your website up online while being able to provide the level of customer support that users are looking for. The advantage of using one of these three web hosts is that they have the score on the board and their services have already proven that they have what it takes to be a leader in a very competitive industry.